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Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar is an area of 2.6 square miles; this area is covered by limestones range and rocks. The connecting point of Gibraltar is; the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to east and Gibraltar straits to South and north of Spain. From last 300 years, this area was used as British military base. The Gibraltar airport came into being during world war II, at the horse race course, afterwards, in 1939, the airport was publicly open to operate flights. (Chaplow, n.d). Although, Gibraltar is a small British land which has covered at Spain coast, also, considered as most busy airport all over the world. Furthermore, Winston Churchill’s 4th lane connects more flights to Gibraltar. There are various flights taken off and landing handled by Gibraltar; it has almost 30 flights a week that have destination point to the United Kingdom.

Gibraltar Airport Progress

Gibraltar airport enjoys huge financial benefits and economic growth of the country also rises. In 2011, Gibraltar announced 10% tax as a long reputational tax to the cores of European Union. Furthermore, in the month of October, there is a day celebrated called Gibraltar day; it was first celebrated in 1999. Gibraltar day celebration shows there is strong bonding has been established between Gibraltar and the United Kingdom, that connects approx. one thousand peoples to each other. (Anon, 2012)

Gibraltar maintains it relationship worldwide

Gibraltar has planned to establish a society for Americans who lived in Gibraltar, to make strong knot across the Atlantic. Joe Carson has appointed as Government representative of Gibraltar and fulfilling his responsibilities to promote Gibraltar homeland towards developing countries. In 2011, there were various delays were noticed as the Spain crossing borders had custom checking at its borders when vehicles arrive. Strong action has been taken by Gibraltar, and these hurdles have been reduced by 2012 and create a new landmark for visitors. A recent economic survey report presented the evidence that Gibraltar has increased its trade by £420 million per year. (Spencer, n.d)

Gibraltar Investments

Gibraltar provides an answer to investors regarding why their investment are safe in Gibraltar. Gibraltar provides 10 percent corporate tax rate which is minimum as compared to other competitors and there is no capital gain tax rate charge at this rate. Additionally, British laws are strictly followed by Gibraltar and makes investment secure to all investors. In 2011 Gibraltar airport, has been expanded and it engages various flights across the United Kingdom at the weekly or daily basis. Due to the expansion of Gibraltar airport tourist visitors are increased, and Gibraltar airport can entertain approx. 2 billion visitors per year. The major key success to Gibraltar is that approx. 500 million people from financial sector of Gibraltar are allowed to visit European Union member states.

Gibraltar Airport: Development in services from UK region

From 2010 huge number of passengers have been connected with Gibraltar and satisfied with Gibraltar services. In 2008 Gibraltar adopted an EasyJet which takes flights from London to Gibraltar. In 2011, Liverpool flights were introduced as a compliment of London Gatwick services, to all those passengers who have most frequent flights in a year, enjoyed with EasyJet. Moreover, Gibraltar airport enjoys 5.20 SVID score (airport traffic), and it considers as good services served by Gibraltar airport.

Airport Information

Official Name:
North Front
Time Zone:
GMT -1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
36° 9’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
5° 21’ 0" W
Passengers (2017):
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1,829m (6,000ft)
46m (150ft)